Sunday, February 3, 2013

Non-veg: Vietnamese food court at Lion Plaza & Candy browsing at Mitsuwa

There's one week before Tet and already you see remains of fireworks covering the grounds at Lion Plaza. Vendors are selling flowers and Tet treats. The place is noisy with the flower market and fireworks. It feels like Tet.

I wish they have more vegetarian choices. I rarely go to Lion Plaza but when I do,  I indulge in the non-vegetarian options, such as bun mang vit and canh bun. It's a place to take visiting friends from afar who crave authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

our friend ordered banh cuon from Banh Cuon Tay Ho, $10--very generous portion!

Bun Canh, $8/bowl
Prices definitely went up since I've last ate there. Was it worth it? yes!

After dinner we visited Mitsuwa, a local Japanese many candy options!

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